Friday, 5 May 2017

Briscon 2017 - KoW Tournament

Briscon 2017

Briscon was a multi event gaming convention held in Brisbane on 29th-30th of April. I decided to take a holiday and me and the wife headed to Brisbane stopping along the way to do some sightseeing.

2 days, 7 games, 2000 points, CoK rules and scenerio’s

Friday, 3 February 2017

Malifaux at Cancon 2017

Cancon was held in Canberra Australia on 27th to 29th January. There were 2 one day Malifaux Tournaments. I ended up not playing in the Malifaux tournament but I took a few photo's of games and tables from day one that I thought people might like to see.

Clash of Kings Australia - Jan 2017 - Game 1

Game 1: Pillage 17-3

Game 1 was against Daniel Bird and his elve’s. Daniel is an awesome painter and his army was very well painted as shown by his 2nd in the painting prize.

His army was as follows:

Dragon Lord, Enscrolled armour
Tree Herder, Medallion of Life
The Green Lady
Drakon Rider Horde, Brew of Strength
Archer Horde, Heart Seeking Chant
Stormwind Cavalry Regiment, Pathfinder
Silverbreeze Troop
Palace Guard Troop

My experience at Clash of Kings Australia

My Army

I have been playing Kingdoms of Men for a few tournaments and had been developing the list. I changed my list at various stages following Castle Assault and a one-dayer at Canberra. I finally settled on this list and had some success – I won a small one-dayer at Canberra leading up to Cancon so I was reasonably comfortable going into Cancon that the list was competitive as long as I didn’t make too many mistakes. It had 17 drops and competed in all stages. The Arquabusiers with Piercing (2) can put out some hurt, the ballista’s if they hit always did a reasonable amount of damage and the bowman chipped in with a few wounds. The LB wizards help with annoying individuals and supported the shooters and combat units. The Foot Guard, Polearms and Knights were the main combat units. The General provided flying support and the mounted hero’s provided blocking units. The role of the militia was to shield the infantry combat units so they got the charge. The Foot Guard with M3, D5, A25 and BoS were are very solid unit, Polearms with A25 and CS(1) were also a solid unit – both with high nerves meaning they generally survived a round of combat if needed.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

My Experience at Castle Assault 2016

Castle Assault 2016 was held over the weekend of  15th and 16th of October at the Legions Club in Newcastle. Is always considered one of the premier events in New South Wales and a must attend event.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Fight for the Corporation - Back story and fluff

Recovery of the Masamune Nihonto

Part 1
Taelor stared into the fire, the events of the past week still weighing heavily on her shoulders. From the nearby forest come the sounds of Johan taking his frustration out on the defenseless trees, there would be plenty of firewood tonight. At her side the Good Lady thrummed, she could not recall the hammer staying active for so long, its lust for revenge was clearly evident.

Fight for the Corporation - Painting

Each week you can score points for painting your crew.

Week 1

I painted Taelor and Johan - everyone loves Relic Hammers right!!