Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My experience at Rage of Sigmar 1

A summary of my experience at Rage of Sigmar 1 - An AOS tournament run at Good Games in the Sydney CBD. 

First thanks to Roy for running the event – numbers may have been down but it was the first Sydney event and everyone seemed to have a good time.
Firstly, whilst there was only 10 players it seemed like a typical Warhammer event – there was a mix of old players, hard core gamers (ie take very strong list), regular tournament gamers and even some new people and returning people.
The event was essentially “uncomped” other than limits on hero, monster and war machine wounds. Rules were played straight from the 4 page ruleset, magical scenery and 3 different scenario’s.
My List was Stormcast Eternals

Lord Celestant on Dracoth
Lord Relictor
Lord Celestant
20 Liberators
6 Prosecuters
5 Retributers
10 Judicators
5 Decimators

This allowed me to use the Thunderstrike Brotherhood as Warscroll Battalion.

Game 1 -  Andrew  - Beastman

Scenario – Claim the objectives

I had:
Lord Celestant on Dracoth
Lord Relictor
Lord Celestant
2 x 5 Liberators
5 Prosecuters
4 Retributers
2 x 5 Judicators
5 Decimators

Andrew had:
Wargor BSB
Great Bray Sharman
6 x Minataurs
2 x 10 Gor
15 Beastigor

I used the Thunderstruck Brotherhood warscroll and only put down the Judicators (2 x 5) and Decimators (5) – rest were kept in reserve.  Andrew spread his units along the 12 inch line with the Doombull, 6 Minataurs and Jabbaslythe on the right facing what units I had on the table. Andrew got T1 and moved and ran his units up and then a Giant was summoned and place behind my lines.

My T1
I turned one unit of Judicators and the Decimators towards the Giant.
Rest of my army descended from the sky on their lightning bolts and took up position behind his army except for 1 unit of Liberators which I keep in reserve.  I positioned the Lord on Dracoth far enough away from the minotaurs so he would need a very long charge to get to him. Judicators took 5 wounds off the Doombull and a couple off the Giant with shooting and the Prosecutors took 4 wounds off the Great Bay Sharman – meaning it was still alive. Then in what was to be a recurring theme all day nearly all my units failed their charges which left my units staring down multiple units of marauding beastman. Decimators failed to get into the Giant but the Judicators did and were promptly wiped out. Prosecuters got to the Great Bray Sharman and quickly removed him, Liberators got into a Gor unit but Retributors failed to get into the Bestigor unit. 

I won the roll off for T2. I brought the 2nd unit of Liberators on to deal with the Giant, moved Retributors up to charge Bestigor, Prosecutors to charge either BSB or 2nd Gor unit and Lord on Dracoth to charge minotaur’s. 2nd unit of Judicators took remaining wounds of the Doombull and Prosecuters  shoot off the BSB. So after 2 turns Andrew had no hero’s left. In charge phase I thought great – I will now get my charges  – wrong – Lord on Dracoth failed charge into Minotaur’s needing a 5, Retributors failed into Bestigors needing a 5 and Liberators failed to get to the Giant but Decimators got into the Giant and started to grind it down. This left the Lord on Dracoth staring down the Minotaur’s – not a good position. Andrew charged Minotaur’s into Lord on Dracoth, Ghorgon into Liberators, Jabberslyth into Judicators and Bestigor into Retributors – so at bottom of T2 just about everything was in combat and things had turned against me rather quickly. Minotaur’s killed Lord on Dracoth before he got to strike. Decimators took some more wounds off the Giant so it wasn’t all that effective in combat anymore and Andrew rolled horribly with its attacks and did no wounds. Ghorgan took 1 wound off the Liberators so they still held and the Jabberslyth also failed to do any wounds and I choose not to attack because for each wound it suffers it does D3 mortal wounds on a roll of a 4+ and with only 5 models I wanted to try and hold it up for as long as possible so it couldn’t go help the giant.

Andrew won roll off for T3 – Things were going from bad to worse. Andrew had arrived late and because it was our first game we were nearly at the end of the time limit because we were learning the rules along the way. So Andrew retreated the Gor from the Liberator/Ghorgan/Gor combat so he could claim the objective closeby and moved the Minotaurs towards the far right objective. In the centre the Bestigor were able to despatch the Retributors. The Prosecutor/Gor combat was still happening but the number of Gor was decreasing each round and the Prosectors were not taking any damage. Giant and Jabberslyth again fluffed the attacks and Giant was down to 1 wound. The Ghorgon /Liberator combat continued but Liberators were being ground down. In my T3 I killed the giant, moved my lord to capture one of the objectives and shoot some more wounds off the Jabberslyth. I shoot the Prosecutors into the Gor unit holding the objective hoping to bring down the model count in the belief I would kill off the Gor unit in combat with the Prosectors and then be in a position to charge the Gor unit holding the objective but unfortunately I failed to kill of the Gor unit in combat.

I won the roll off for T4 (which would be our last turn). Decimators and Liberators that had killed the Giant ran towards the objectives to claim them. Prosecutors failed to do any wounds in shooting against the Gor unit holding the objective but killed the remaining that Gor that were in combat with them. Andrew ran both the Bestigor and Minotaurs towards an objective.

At the end of the game we each controlled 3 objectives so it was a drawn game.

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