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My experience at Rage of Sigmar 2

A summary of my experience at Rage of Sigmar 2 - An AOS tournament run at Good Games in the Sydney CBD. 

First thanks to Roy for running the event – there was an increase in numbers despite a few dropouts on the day before the event.

The event was a 1 day - 3 game event at Good Games in Sydney using the Clash of Swords Comp with a random selection for scenarios done before each game.

Under the Clash Comp I didn’t have enough Stormcast models to have enough pool choices so I decided to take High Elves, with about half on round bases and rest on squares as I will be using the square base models at Castle Assault for my last WHFB tournament.

My list included
Alith Anar
Lothern Sea Helm
Dragon Princes
Ellyrian Reavers
Phoenix Guard
White Lions
Shadow Warriors
Sisters of Avelon
Frost Phoenix

When compiling the list I tried to align characters to units that would make the units more effective. After Rage 1 I realised that shooting can be very effective and combat units needed to either be able to dish out a lot of pain but be resilient enough to survive a few rounds out combat.

These are the basic reasoning behind my unit selections;

Alarielle – I think she will nearly be a 1+ selection for a HE army. Make units within 24” immune to battleshock, cast 2 spells a turn including her signature spell which heals D6 wounds to a model – a great spell for keeping a Frostheart/combat character in the game.

Tyrion – always loved this model and his history in the game. Was never really viable in WHFB but great in AoS – effectively has to be killed twice, each wound that gets through does D3 damage so good against characters, monsters and general troops.

Korhil – command ability is great against monster heavy armies and ability to absorb wounds made against other characters – also enables White Lions to re-roll 1’s to hit.

Alith Anar – gives some decent ranged attacks with rend and enables Shadow warriors to double shots. Command ability buffs shooting by allowing re-rolls of 1 to hit – synergises really well in conjunction with the Seal Helm.

Lothern Sea Helm – probably not a hero you would normally take but Sea Drake Pennant gives +1 to wound rolls for shooting and command about allows re-rolls to hit, wound and saves.

Dragon Princes – heavy hitters on the charge and a fast unit

Phoenix Guard – can save mortal wounds has they still have the old “ward” save so a resilient unit but don’t dish out that much damage.

White Lions/ Swordmasters – give the army some combat punch with rend.

Sisters of Avelon – probably one of the best shooting units in the game - 3+ to hit and wound, double shoots if they don’t move - so combined with Sea Helm you get a lot of damage output.

Shadow Warriors – not quite as good as Sisters of Avelon but combined with Alith Anar they can get double shoots and in cover they get rerolls to hit

Frost Phoenix – high number of wounds, fly’s and decent number of attacks with rend - as good as ever and blizzard aura effective in limiting wounds taken in combat.

So all in all I thought I had a well-rounded number of pool choices that could deal with most armies and more importantly capture objectives.

Game 1 – Refused Flank

Opponent – Chris Ashton-Jones, Orcs and Goblins

Chris had an army that was all spiders and as is always the case for Chris the army was beautifully painted.

He used the SpiderFang Venom Mob Battlescroll which allowed +1 to hit with spider fangs and no battleshock tests within 8” of an Arachnarok Spider.

Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider
3 Arachnarok Spiders – one with a Goblin Sharman.
3 units of Goblin Spider Riders

So premise of army was Big Boss allowed spider venom to do mortal wounds on a 5 or 6, battlescroll giving +1 to hit so effectively now a 4 – and a 6 to wound doing D3 mortal wounds.

With 3 monsters to deal with I choose the following

Chris deployed his army on the right flank to the centre as follows;
Spiders Riders (my blunt objective)
Arachnarok with Sharman
Spider Riders
Spider Riders
Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider

I deployed from my left flank as follows:

5 Reavers
10 White Lions – Korhil behind this unit
10 White Lions – Alarielle behind this unit
10 Dragon Princes
12 Shadow Warriors
5 Reavers

So Chris won the roll off to go first and gave first turn to me. I ran the Reaver units up, shot and retreated and did a few wounds to Spiders Rider unit (blunt objective) and right Arachnarock. I ran Tyrion up around a building in centre of table to threaten the right Aracknarok. Rest of army basically stayed still.

Chris basically ran all his units straight at me apart from the unit of Spider Riders which was my blunt objective which he left in a forest in his deployment zone on his right flank. He won roll off for T2 and proceeded to charge everything at me however only the left Arachnarok with sharman made it into combat with the Frostheart and right spider riders made it to the shadow warriors. He did 5 wounds to the Frostheart and I did about 6 wounds to the Arachnarok. He had 12 venom attacks on the shadow arriors that did a mortal wound on a 4+ and proceeded to roll a single mortal wound.

My turn 2 I healed all the wounds back on the Frosty, moved both white lion units and Dragon princes up in charge range and moved Tyron up with 6 inches of right Arachnarok. Shooting with the Reavers, Tyrion, Alith Anar and Shadow Warriors took quite a few wounds off the right Arachnarok thereby limiting its effectiveness. White lions charged the Archnarok in combat with the Frostheart, 2nd unit charged the middle spider unit, Dragon Princes charged the middle Arachnarok and Tyrion charged the right Arachnarok. Arachnarok with Sharman was reduced to around 5 wounds, middle Arachnarok took around 6 wounds from dragon princes and Tyrion reduced right arachnarok to a few wounds.

Chris won T3 and the left objective disappeared. So at this stage I had the right objective covered with a unit of reavers and the centre objective was held by me via the Dragon princes that were in combat with the middle Arachnarok. Over turns 3 & 4 the combats continued. Left and right Arachnaroks, and one unit of spider riders died, Tyrion died but was healed back up, 2nd White lions unit, Shadow warriors and Dragon Princes died.

At end of T4 we ran out of time. No one held the middle objective but I held the right objective with a unit of reavers. No secondary objectives were done so I ended up with 15-5. When we originally calculated it we thought it was a draw but after lunch Chris said he recalculated it and I had won 15-5 because I won the primary objectives.

Game 2 – Seize Control

Opponent – Jamie, Dwarfs

Now I really hate playing dwarfs, my worst games of WHFB have all been against dwarfs and I just hate them with a passion. It seems AoS is not going to change things!!!

Jamie had a great looking army and it was all on round bases.

His army comprised (from memory so may be a bit out);

Grimm Burloksson
Grudge Thrower

I can’t remember the numbers exactly but there were 4 units of Infantry (Hammerers/Longbeards I believe)

Thinking I had to use shooting to get rid of his ranged threat ASAP I took.

We were spread across the deployment zone – Jamie mostly middle and left and me mostly middle and right. I set up with Sisters and Shadow Warrior together and Sea Helm behind them to buff them. Alarielle and Alith Anar were behind a hill but within buffing range of the shooter units.

 Jamie went first and I soon learnt that being behind a hill offered no protection to the Grudge Thrower – 2 hits, 2 wounds – Alith Anar dead before I moved. This is why I hate dwarfs……

So my turn I took a gamble and sent Tyrion on a suicide mission to hunt down the Grudge thrower and canon hoping to get consecutive turns. I ran Tyrion straight at the grudge thrower in T1. Shooting took some wounds off the cannon so it all depended on who went first T2. I won the roll off and moved Tyrion up to charge range –shooting reduced canon to 1 wound but Tyrion destroyed the Grudge Thrower easily. Jamie’s T2 he surrounded Tyrion with multiple units and a character – I think it was Grimm but can’t really remember. So I thought this isn’t that bad – Tyrion gets killed – he get back up and can attack the character – he dies but rolls a 1 and doesn’t get back up – sad panda indeed – I have mentioned I hate dwarfs.

So my T2 I shoot off the canon so at this stage I have lost 2 of my characters but his long range threats are gone apart from the thunders who have taken an instant dislike to my Sisters.

So I look at the board and where my units are and think I can probably finish with a draw under the scenario as I have more units than Jamie so I should be able to capture at least an equal number of terrain pieces. My blunt unit is a unit that is sitting on a hill in his deployment zone and my shadow warrior have been shooting at them for 2 turns and with a couple more turns should reduce them to a manageable number for my dragon princes to pounce on.

So we both spend the next 3 turns manoeuvring our units to capture terrain pieces and shooting as much off as we can. I make a mistake in T3 by not moving 3 of my units on the left flank up – this means I need to run in T4 & T5 with them to capture objectives or contest objectives. After a very tense and thoughtful T5 where we both spend a lot of time working out how we can capture or contest as many objectives as possible it was clear that being too conservative with my units all game I can’t get into position to draw the game. I had reduced my blunt unit down and was ready to strike with the Dragon Princes T5 – I could move them up and contest the objective and with a moderate roll charge and possibly take them off. This was also my terrain objective for the game. If this had succeeded I would have drawn the game on objectives and offset the loss of my general. However Jamie sees my ploy on T5 runs one of his units across the table towards the board edge to cut off my move/charge lane.

14-6 to Jamie as he killed my general T1.

Game 3 – Capture the Centre

Opponent – Adam MaCaskill (Kakwah from Gronkhammer) , Vampires

I have played Adam a few times in WHFB and lost convincingly on all occasions against his wood elves – I hate playing wood elves nearly as much as I hate playing dwarfs but this time it was his vampires. Adam admitted he hadn’t really read the comp pack or scenarios so his list was not really optimised for the event. He had:

Strigoi Ghoul King
Strigoi Ghoul King
30 x Crypt Ghouls
6 x Crypt Horrors
3 x Vargulfs
5 x Blood Knights

Lots of attacks and lots of magic

Adam placed his objective marker near a forest near the centre of the board. I placed mine on my right flank.

I thought it was time for the return of the Frostheart this game and with only 4 units coming at me I looked to spread out a bit so Adam would have to split his army up and away from his general’s bubble if he wanted to engage me. He didn’t do that and deployed all his units between the centre and his right flank. Starting from right flank with Blood Knights, Crypt Horrors, Crypt Ghouls and Vargulfs. General at the back in the centre and necromancer on left flank and other Strigoi King on right flank.

I deployed from my left flank as follows:

5 Reavers
14 Sisters behind a building with Alarielle and Sea Helm (General) behind them
10 Swordmasters
5 Dragon princes
10 Phoenix Guard
Tyrion ( centre of board)
5 reavers to the right of centre
10 Phoenix Guard on right flank directly in line with my objective

Adam won the roll for going first and let me go first.

I gave the sisters mystic shield and moved them into the building. So they had a 3+ re-rollable armour save. I ran Tyrion around the centre building but at the extreme range of his Vargulfs. Moved up both sets of Reavers and then retreated them after shooting. With shooting the sisters were out of range but the Reavers shoot at the blood knights and did a few wounds I – 2+ army save was hard to get through and the 2nd unit of Reavers removed a couple of Crypt Ghouls. I retreated this unit of Reavers towards his deployment zone so I could move them round behind his army T2.

In Adam’s T1 he moved everything up straight at me. This was probably his first mistake as I felt he should have sent the vargulf’s off against Tyrion and the 2nd unit of Phoenix Guard that were headed towards the objective marker. He decided to charge the Blood Knights at the sisters in the building – he needed an eleven and got it. With the Sisters “Loose at the Last Ability” I was able to shoot at them and with the re-rolls from the Sea Helm was able to remove 1 model. The sisters then proceeded to laugh in the face of his blood knights and in 4 turns of combat he managed the remove 4 models – for 2 rounds the Cyrpt Horrors were also attacking them. With the Sea Helm’s Sea Drake Pennant and his Stand Fast ability they were immovable.

I won T2 roll off and moved the Left Reavers around behind his Blood Knights and the right Reavers behind his army to shoot at the characters. Tyrion moved up with 6 inches of the Necromancer. The rest of the army stood still. Reaver shooting took some wounds of both the Strigoi Kings and shooting and combat from Tyrion got the Necromancer down to 1 wound. I forgot to shoot the sisters that turn and the Blood Knights/Sisters combat resulted in me losing a Sister. Adams T2 he charged the Crypt Ghouls into the sister in the building and failed a charge with the Vargulfs that sort of left them hanging.

I won T3 roll off and moved the Swordmasters up to attack the Crypt Ghouls, The Frostheart to threaten his characters and Dragon Princes to charge the Blood Knights. Right flank Phoenix Guard moved up to capture the objective and centre Phoenix guard around the centre building. Reavers shoot at the Strigoi Ghoul King and reduced it to 1 wound, Reavers shooting and Frosty combat killed off the 2nd Strigoi Ghoul King. The Blood Knights started to remove the Dragon Princes and the Swordmasters removed quite a few Crypt Horrors. In Adam’s T3 he moved the Vargulfs up to charge Alarielle and the Sea Helm but failed the charge and ended up charging the Swordmasters instead. He charged his Crypt Horrors into Tyrion who proceeded to show them why he was a legend of the old world and removed 13. This brought them under 20 models so they lost 1 attack each. However even with 3 attacks each them only managed 4 wounds on Tyrion – they lost 5 more to battleshock.

Adam won roll for T4 – he managed to finish the Swordmasters off but that left the Vargulfs exposed to the Frostheart. The Dragon Princes were down to one model and there was 1 Crypt Horror left. At this stage another couple of Sisters had been killed but they were standing rock solid. My T4 the Strigoi Ghoul King died to shooting and I charged the Frostheart into the Vargulfs to ensure they couldn’t get to my characters but the Vargulfs removed him with ease, although shooting from the sisters had removed 1 model. Tyrion and the Reavers finished off the Crypt Ghouls.

I went first turn 5 and at this stage I had won so I didn’t need to risk too much. The Vargulf was killed by shooting and Arcane Bolt and the last Crypt Horror died. The Blood Knights finished off the Dragon Princes. Adam retreated the Blood Knights from the Sisters combat to capture the forest. At the end of the game I had lost the Dragon Princes and Swordmasters and Adam had lost everything except the Blood Knights.

So 18-2 win to me.

This put me on 37 points for a 5th place finish and only a few points off a placing.

An enjoyable day.

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