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KOW: Elves v Trident Realm - 6 Dec 2015

This is a report of a recent game I had against Devean on UB. Devean was using the new Trident Realm army list so I was interested to see how they were as an army.

My List, Elves
Archers, Horde, Heart Seeking Chant
Thererennian Sea Guard, Horde, Brew of Key Eyeness
Hunters of the Wild, Troop
Hunters of the Wild, Troop
Stormwind Cavalry, Regiment, Brew of Haste
Drakon Riders, Horde, The Fog
War Chariots, Horde
Army Standard Bear, War Bow of Kaba, Horse
Elven Mage, Bane Chant, Inspiring Talisman
Drakon Rider Lord, Enscrolled Armour

This is how my list evolved from the Kings of Win Tournament. It has lot a shooting but also packs combat punch with the Stormwind Cav and the obligatory Drakon Horde. Archers and Sea Guard both will hit on 4+ with piercing 1 (with Bane chant on Sea Guard) so that quite a solid shooting barrage.

The Hunter Troops are interesting- with 20 attacks, Pathfinder and Vanguard I think they will make useful body guards for the shooting hordes – charge the shooters and fail to rout them and receive 40 attacks from a unit with a flank charge. Sea Guard with Phalanx make charging them a dicey option. People will either need to deal with them before they charge the shooters or pretty much get obliterated by the counter charge and flank charge.

War Chariots are another interesting unit, 16 attacks – bows and melee hitting on 4+ - not convinced they are very maneuverable given their large footprint but used in conjunction with Stormwind or Drakons they could result in softened units before they get to my lines.

Characters are there to spread the inspiring around. I would prefer the Dragon Lord but just not enough points with this list.

Devean List, Trident Realm
Naiad Ensnarers, Horde, Brew of Strength 
Naiad Heartpiercers, Regiment
Naiad Heartpiercers, Regiment
Tidal Swarm, Regiment
Tidal Swarm, Regiment
Tidal Swarm, Regiment
Tidal Swarm, Regiment
Naiad Wyrmriders, Horde
Kraken, Monster
Kraken, Monster
Naiad Centurion, Harpoon Gun, Enscrolled Armour
Naiad Envoy, Kaba’s Holy Hand Grenades
Naiad Wyrmrider Centurion, Blade of the Beast Slayer

Devean said this was an experimental list based on Naiads and he had purposely not put flyers in the list to see how he could do without them.

Krakens are truly beastly but main issue with this army is the low defence, short range shooting and slow movement. But Ensnare, Pathfinder and Regen (4+) with most units it does provide some interesting combat decisions for the opposition.

Scenario - Deployment
We rolled up the Loot Scenario – and markers were placed centre, left and right

I forgot to take a picture of deployment but below is the terrain map and my deployment.

Devean placed units from left to right as follows

Naiad Wyrmrider Centurion, Naiad Heartpiercers, Naiad Ensnarers, Naiad Envoy, Kraken, and 2 x Tidal Swarm on the left.

Kraken and Naiad Heartpiercers just right of centre.

Naiad Wyrmriders, 2 x Tidal Swarm and Naiad Centurion on the right.

Devean won the roll off and decided to go first.

Turn 1
Trident Realm
Kraken on left moved to capture the left marker, other units moved forward. His centre force moved to the right around the rock formation in the centre of the board. At this stage it would be a fight for the outside markers and centre marker would be available for the victor it seems. Trident Realm shooting was out of range.

I did not move all that much – I wanted time for my shooting to do some damage and it looked like I had the centre marker so it was a case of delaying the Trident Realm units on the right and destroying the Trident Realm left rank so I could obtain that marker. Seaguard positioned themselves to be in range of the left Kraken that held the left marker – not much other movement.

Archers opened with a bang against the Kraken – 13 hits and 12 wounds – not looking like there would be any releasing of the Kraken for this dude. Bane chant on the Sea Guard and they had to shoot him as well as nothing else was in range. Numerous hits (even at 5+) and the Kraken was on double oné’s and was duly routed. Chariots opened up on the 2nd Kraken and did 3 wounds but all was well for him.

Turn 2
Trident Realm
On left flank both tidal swarms moved up with 2nd capturing the marker and 1st just staying out of charge range. Ensnarer Horde were within range of the Drakons but clearly not a good charge for the Elves. On the right a unit of Tidal swarm moved up to cover the Wyrmriders who had captured the marker. Regen removed some wounds from the Kraken. TR shooting was in range but Fog on the Drakons meant few hits and no wounds and on the right the Heartpiercers opened up on the War Chariots but again TR rolling was poor and no wounds were suffered.

Some repositioning on the left but it was at this point I realized the Drakons were not well positioned. The building was blocking there advance meaning they had to be put into charge range if I moved them up and I was not ready to do that yet. I moved the Hunters straight at the centre marker to capture it as the rock formation was blocking any action the TR could do. On the right I decided that some delaying tactics were needed. I did not expect to capture the marker but I just wanted to delay his units so they couldn’t contest the centre marker so the Storm cav charged the tidal swarm and routed them. Archers and SG opened up on the tidal swarm that had captured the left marker and they were also routed. Standard Bearer did a single wound to the Wyrmriders and War Chariots did some wounds to the Naiad Heartpiercers but both held.

So at end of T2 it was TR 2 – Elves 1 for scenario.

Turn 3
Trident Realm
Seems I forgot to take a picture here but on the right the Kraken and the Wyrmriders charged the Stormwind cav – not looking good for my cav riders. Ensnarers Horde captured the marker and tidal swarm moved to block any chargers against them. Heartpiercers failed to wound the Drakon Horde – the fog was doing its job and making them hard to see. Storm Cav were routed and the Wyrmrider positioned themselves to head back to the table edge with the marker.

Hunters captured the centre maker and BSB did a noble act and positioned to block the Krakon on the left. Other hunter unit and Drakons positioned themselves for a next turn charge. Archers and SG opened up on the Naiad Ensnarers and did 14 wounds and I think were wavered. War Chariots shoot the Heartpiercers and they were routed – elven shooting was doing its job efficiently.

 So at end of T3 it was TR 2 – V Elves 1 for scenario

Turn 4
Trident Realm
So again I forgot a picture – bad Darth. But on the left the Naiad Wyrmriders started their run to the board edge and the Kraken charged the elven BSB who was duly routed. Naiad Ensnarers who had captured the marker shuffled left but could not do much as they were wavrered. Heartpiercers finally found a way through the fog and did a wound to the Drakon Horde.

With the end game in sight the elves positioned themselves for a win. Both hunter units advanced upon the TR units on the left and the SG moved up to be in a position to capture the centre marker dropped by the Hunter unit. Drakons positioned themselves for a charge against the Ensnarers. Shooting dropped the last tidal swarm unit and shooting managed to waver the right Kraken – good result for the elves. Once again Regen removed wounds across the board.

So at end of T4 it was TR 2 – V Elves 1 for scenario but not looking good for the TR.

Turn 5
Trident Realm
Getting somewhat desperate for the TR at this point. Ensnarers dropped the marker and it was picked up by the Heartpiercers – a move I did not anticipate. Tidal swarm charged the chariots and managed to waver them with a good roll, the BSB sacrifice came back to haunt me there. Regen recovered most of the wounds caused in the previous turn on the Ensnarers. Those regen saves were really starting to annoy me. A lot of hand grenades exploded on the right hunters and managed to waver them – bad for me but to be honest it was the only shooting phase that actually hurt me.

So at end of T5 it was TR 2 – V Elves 1 for scenario but looking pretty safe for the elves.

Drakons charged the Ensnarers and managed to route them. Drakon Lord charged the Naiad Wyrmrider Centurion and did few wounds. Shooting on the Heartpiercers did a few wounds – here I made a mistake as I assumed the Heartpiecers on the hill were not in cover so I didn’t charge them thinking I would do enough wounds with shooting to severely damage them. But it seems a height 1 unit on a height 2 hill get cover from a height 1 unit in front on them that are not on the hill – that just doesn’t make sense and should be addressed in a FAQ or the next rules update.

End game
Trident Realm
Getting somewhat late we called it after this turn - the Heartpierces and Wyrmrider Centurion charged the Drakon Lord and the Envoy attempted to throw some hand grenades at the Drakon Horde to waver them but he hit, rolled 1 for hits and 1 to wound. With heartpierces staring down a charge from the Drakons we called it.

A win to the elves with 2 markers to 1. A good game that once again showed that even at the end a KoW game can be a contest when all seems lost. Thanks to Devean for a great game.

Post game thoughts

I think by T3 we both realised how the game would end as I controlled the centre marker and had a lot of shooting and the Drakons still alive on the left flank to ensure I could capture that flank. I was pleased that my army did what it was designed to do which was shoot for a few turns then charge the weakened opponents army. My shooting was really good against the TR but my army list is still a WIP as against a higher defense and quicker army I may struggle with this list. Happy with all in my army apart from the chariots – need to play some more before I decide if they are an efficient point sink.

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