Sunday, 10 January 2016

Terrain for Cancon 2016

I have agreed to supply terrain for the Cancon 2016 this year - I have gradually been building my terrain stores for about the last 12 months. I am probably going to be able to supply 8 tables of terrain with the following components for each table:

2 x Forests
2 x Hills
2 x Fence/Hedge
2 x scatter terrain

Here are some photo's


These are all scratch built using trees I ordered from Ebay, 3mm MDF bases cut from a sheet obtained from bunnings, a sand and rock mix I picked up from a garden store and various bits of bark, twigs etc from the park behind our house.


Hills are made from blue foam - I want to build a few more to replace the back few which were my first efforts at terrain building.


Just need to add some grass to a few of these and they will be finished. Front 2 are store bought, the back six are my home made efforts.


All of these are home made. Brick fences use hirst arts bricks, green hedges use a kitchen scouring pad and picket fences use tooth picks and garden fencing wire. All are cheap to make.

Scatter Terrain

Most of these are store bought - my efforts are made using blue foam cut-offs from making the hills.


These are  a mixture of GW scenery, CNC Miniatures scenery and Hirst Art moulds. The CNC miniatures buildings are my latest additions they are a WIP but will be finished for Cancon.

I also made the mat that the scenery is displayed on - utube is a wonderful resource :)

So hopefully these will provide some good tables for everyone to play on at the event.

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  1. That is very impressive! You can run tournaments on your own and I am sure that CanCon TO's will be more than happy for your contribution!

    Well done, mate! :)