Thursday, 11 August 2016

Fight for Corporation - campaign progress

A Malifaux Shifting Loyalties Campaign

For the first week of the campaign you have to hire a crew with the following constraints:
* 35SS 
* no masters
* leader cost is counted into over SS allowance
* you can have only 1 x 1SS upgrade

My crew was as follows:

Faction:    Outcasts

Leader:     Taelor
                  Ronin (her name is Rachel)
                  Child of Conflict (The Kid) 

Upgrade:   Oath Keeper

You earn points each week of the campaign as follows:

Weekly Scoring:
 - 1 point for playing a game. Max 2 games per fortnight
 - 1 point for winning a game
 - 1 point for painting a model including basing (3 colours min)
 - 1 point for highlighting, washing and general higher quality
 - 1 point for 3 materials used for basing
 - 1 point for a second model painted and based to high standard. Note max 2 models will count for painting bonus, and second model only gives 1 point, no bonuses for basing and highlighting. If you have a completely painted crew by week 3, subsequent weeks you will get all painting points

 - 1 point for 100-word fluff accompanying crew

Week 1
I played a Guild Crew lead by the Judge - it was my first real game of Malifaux so more of a learning experience. I managed to kill the Judge and he failed his injury roll so he was injured and had to roll on the Injury charts.

The event for the week was Kythera

Every Encounter this week is played in or around Kythera. Place a 50mm Spire Marker in the center of the table at the start of the game. This Marker is Ht 5, impassable, and blocking. Every model within a6 of the Marker gains the Undead Characteristic and all damage flips against such
models suffer -. Any model within 6 of the Marker is automatically Finished Off if it is killed or sacrificed. Each player gains 2 Scrip for every enemy model killed or sacrificed within 6 of the Spire Marker.

I managed to draw the game but more importantly won 7 script. I purchased no upgrades but purchased a Bounty so I could start the path to getting a master.

My only injury was on a Ronin model: Foolhardy: This model may not take the Defensive Stance Action.

Week 2

I played a Ten Thunders Crew lead by Kang - was opponent was much more experienced then I was and knew it was my second game so once again it was a learning experience.

I added another Ronin to my Arsenal.

The event for the week was Lucrative Offer

Every game this week, players may select a third Scheme. This Scheme does not need to be available
in the game's Scheme Pool, and it may not be one the player already selected. Players do not score VP from this third Scheme, but instead gain 2 Scrip for each VP they would earn from it.

I lost the game but again managed to kill off the opponents crew leader. I have found most of my models are built for combat as they can do a significant amount of damage. Even though I lost I earned 9 script which enabled me to buy 2 upgrades

(1) Clockwork Seeker (Sh 5 / Rst: Df / Rg: 12): Target suffers 3/4/5 damage. This damage ignores Hard to Wound.

Helmet: Hard to Kill: While this model has 2 or more Wd remaining when it suffers damage, it may not be reduced to below 1 Wd.

No injuries this week.

Week 3

I played a Arcanists Crew lead by Cassandra - was a great game and at the end of it I completed my Bounty which would enable me to by a master. Unfortunately I don't have the required script so it will have to wait another week.

I added a Freikorps Trapper to my Arsenal.

The event for the week was Saloon

Every Encounter this week is played in a Saloon. Due to the ceiling, all models lose Flight for the duration of the game. In addition, each player places two Barstool Markers (Ht 0, 30mm) within 6" of the Centerline. Any model within 1" of a Barstool Marker may discard it to take the following Action: (1) Thrown Stool (Sh 5 / Rst: Df / Rg: z10 or y2): Target suffers 2/3/7 damage. If the target suffers Weak damage, or this Attack fails, place a Barstool Marker in base contact with the target.
Whenever a player kills an enemy model with the Thrown Stool Action, that player gains 3 Scrip.

I didn't manage to kill off a model with a barstool but once again killed the opponents leader. I tend to forget about the schemes and strategies so I only earned 4 script which left me short of the 10 require to buy a master. I didn't buy any upgrades apart from raising my peon to a minion because I wanted to save script for buying a master.

My only injury was on a Ronin model: Hearing Voices: Reduce this models Wp by 2

I need to concentrate on schemes and strategies more and not outright killing of models.

Arsenal at the end of Week 3 was:

Student of Conflict
Freikorps Trapper

Total SS cost of 46


Non Campaign:     Oathkeeper

Campaign:            Clockwork Seeker

Injuries:                Ronin (Rebecca) - Foolhardy
                             Ronin (Rachel) - Hearing Voices

So campaign rating for start of week 4 was 0. I plan to buy a Freikorps Librarian to get some healing into the crew ready for the Vik's when they hopefully arrive next week. Quite a number of crews will have a master this week so I will be at a disadvantage in power but should make up for that with more numbers on the table.

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