Friday, 3 February 2017

My experience at Clash of Kings Australia

My Army

I have been playing Kingdoms of Men for a few tournaments and had been developing the list. I changed my list at various stages following Castle Assault and a one-dayer at Canberra. I finally settled on this list and had some success – I won a small one-dayer at Canberra leading up to Cancon so I was reasonably comfortable going into Cancon that the list was competitive as long as I didn’t make too many mistakes. It had 17 drops and competed in all stages. The Arquabusiers with Piercing (2) can put out some hurt, the ballista’s if they hit always did a reasonable amount of damage and the bowman chipped in with a few wounds. The LB wizards help with annoying individuals and supported the shooters and combat units. The Foot Guard, Polearms and Knights were the main combat units. The General provided flying support and the mounted hero’s provided blocking units. The role of the militia was to shield the infantry combat units so they got the charge. The Foot Guard with M3, D5, A25 and BoS were are very solid unit, Polearms with A25 and CS(1) were also a solid unit – both with high nerves meaning they generally survived a round of combat if needed.

General on Winged Beast, Brew of Haste
Hero, mounted
Hero, mounted
Wizard, BC, LB3, Inspiring Talisman
Wizard, BC, LB3
Army Standard Bearer

Foot Guard Horde, Brew of Strength
Pole Arm Horde
Arquabusiers Horde, Brew of Keeneyeness

Knight Regiment. Pathfinder
Bowman Regiment
Bowman Regiment
Militia Regiment
Militia Regiment

Scouts Troop


My Expectations

Kingdoms of Men are not one of the top tier armies so I wasn’t aiming too high. I felt the army could take some punishment and as long as I didn’t make terrible mistakes I could remain competitive in most games and therefore my aim was a place in the top 20. In addition I wanted to make sure my games were close and that I was competitive for as much of the game as possible and not have a game where I was blown off the table.

Game 1: Pillage v Elves

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