Thursday, 12 July 2018

A Tale of Four Kings - Introduction

I have joined a Slow Growth campaign for Kings of War.

The rules are simple. Four mates will collect a brand new Kings of War army over the coming months, growing in 500 point increments until we have a full 2000 pt army. We will then all take these armies along to debut at an event together. The aim is to document the whole process from army selection, painting and gaming. We will use this thread for day to day updates and tracking progress and then at each 500pt interval we will have a gaming day and put together a blog post with thoughts and pictures. Sounds great yeah?

Looking forward to what the other come up with - although I assume N.I.C.K the power gamer will go for a hard as rocks army, Kakwah the fluff gamer will bring a nice themed army and Derbydog the ultimate power gamer will bring the filth.

Initially I was going to do a new Abyssals army as I have never played with an evil army before. 

But after sitting down and thinking about the campaign and looking at all the unpainted miniatures in my hobby room I decided that maybe starting a new army was not the right thing to do.

So I have decided to add to my Forces of Nature army using the miniatures I had that were waiting to be be painted.

My current Forces of Nature army comprises the following units:

3 x Earth Elemental Hordes
2 x Shamble Regiments
2 x Beasts of Nature
1 x Flying Unicorn
1 x Tree Herder
1 x Druid
1 x Green Lady

In my hobby room I have the following units:

Salamanders - lots - early edition GW models
Naiads Ensnarers - using Skinks - lots - early edition GW models
Centaurs Bray-Striders x 8 - Reaper bones centaurs
Centaurs Bray-Hunters x 3 - D&D miniatures
Forest Shamblers x 6 - Mierce Miniatures - Beasts of Síleann Fen
Druid x lots - various
Talon Riders - Reaper bones - Avukavali, Snake Demon x 6
Hydra - Mierce Miniature - Thoth, Anax of Ýdron

Unicorn - Reapar Miniature
Tree Warden - Mierce Miniature - Araigh, Ancient of Síleann Fen.
Beast of Nature - Mierce Miniatures - Dairdubh, Beast of Cabhán Wood.

So I thought I would use these models and came up with 4 x approximately 500 points lists and try to group them together as units

So for each of the 4 segments of the slow growth my Army will be:

Round 1
2 x Regiments of Naiad Ensnarers
1 x Naiad Stalker
1 x Hydra

Round 2
salamander Horde
Talon Rider Horde

Round 3
Forest Shambler Horde
Forest Warden

Round 4
Centaur Bray-Striders Regiment
Centaur Bray-Hunter troop
Centaur Chief
Beast of Nature

The only models I didn't have were the Centaur Chief and the Naiad Stalker

I purchase the Mantic Centaur Chief and as I was using skinks for my Ensnarers I purchased the mantic model - Artakl - as he fitted the skink theme.

So I have started with Round one and have the Ensnarers primed, started my regiment bases and started some painting of Artakl and the Hydra.

I laugh in the face of the other Kings -The King of the North shall rule - bring it on

PS: any reference to others work is purely fictional and not deliberate 

Will update regularly.

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