Friday, 9 August 2019

Australian UB Tournament v1

Australian UB Tournament – Season 1

Coordinating TO:      Michael Clarke

Contact us:    


The will be a tournament on the internet using universal battle.

Entries will be limited to the first 16 player that sign up. You can sign up by indicating on the FB page, sending me a message on the above email.


There will be no prizes apart from the glory of becoming Australia’s first UB champion (the rest of the world doesn’t count Mr Traish)

Tournament Rules
There will be 5 rounds over 10 weeks starting 19th August 2019 – we should finish late October just before 3rd Edition rules drop so we can set up another tournament to play and test the 3rd edition rules.

Week 1
19 August 2019
1 September 2019
Week 2
2 September 2019
15 September 2019
Week 3
16 September 2019
29 September 2019
Week 4
30 September 2019
13 October 2019
Week 5
14 October 2019
29 October 2019

The match-ups of the first round (Game 1) will be random – no grudges allowed as I am too lazy to keep track of them.

In the following rounds (Game 2 onwards)  players  will be paired using the Swiss pairing system. Once players have completed their game in a given round they should send the results to me at the above email address.

Tournament Points
After a game the points will be assigned using the Blackjack scoring system.
Rounds will be randomly picked at the start each round and notified on the above website. Scoring sheet will also be loaded.

Conceding a game results in a 20-0 to your opponent with your opponent receiving 2250 attrition points for the purposes of a tie breaking.

Winning the Tournament
The winner is determined at the end of the last game (Game 5) according to the following criteria:
·         The player with the most TPs will be the winner
·         In the case of players have the same TPs, the winner will be that with the highest attrition score
·         If both TP and attrition are matched, then games where these players played each other during the tournament will be analysed. The winner will reflect the winner of that match up
·         If the players cannot be split then there will be a joint winner

Crowd at the UB interface
If one player feels discomfort with people being present you can request that the battle is played in private (ie password protected).

We have created a UB Discord Server that people can use to play their games. Alternatively you can use whatever method to play and communicate your games. It is called UB2 AUS. Please request an invite if you want to you join.

In the interest of consistency the terrain will be standardized as per below:
·         Hills – height 2
·         Swamp, rivers, marshes, ponds – Flat and Difficult – Height 0
·         Obstacles – Height 0
·         Buildings/Impassable – Height 4
·         Forests – Height 6 Difficult

Tables will be laid out using map packs courtesy of Epic Dwarf, they can be previewed here

The map applicable for that round will be randomly determined and notified on the above website. Copy of the map will be included.

Will be randomly chosen by me from the scenarios in the Clash of Kings 2019 Organised Play Book before the round starts. and notified on the above website. The scenario rules will be posted on the website

Army Composition

This tournament uses the Kings of War 2nd Edition Rules rules, with the application of the Clash of Kings 2019 Organised Play Book supplement being in force. For all alterations to the main rule book please refer to the supplement.

A maximum army total of 2,250 points can be chosen, using army composition details listed in the  Organised Play supplement. Players must choose a single force list up to this points limit and use this for the whole tournament. The force list must be chosen from one of the official army lists (fan fiction lists are not allowed). The Twilight Kin list IS allowed.

Kings of War Historical lists WILL not be allowed

Formations are allowed.

Army Composition
·         Please refer to the Organised Play supplement for 2019
·         Living Legends are allowed in your main force (not allies)
·         You may take allies up to 25% of your total force following the selection rules in the supplement

Force Lists
You are required to submit a copy of your list to me at the start of the tournament. Lists should be provided in Easy Army format – I will post all lists on the UB Tournament section of my blog. (See above)

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