Sunday, 18 August 2019

Game 1


Round 1
Adam Kakwah   17       v        Michael Clarke       4
Jeff Traish     20      v        Paul Radnidge         1
Nick Legrand   12         v        Matt Sellick     7
Yan Zhi Lai      3      v        Pawel Mieczowski  18
Matt Cro         2       v        Tony Winmaul      19
Jeff Tighe     19       v        Bye Buster             2

Someone has indicated they would be the bye buster but not for every week. If we don’t have a bye buster I will call for volunteers to do that function for each round. The Bye Buster will use their same list but score no points for the match. Jonathon Turkish (Jattz Turk) will be Bye Buster for Round 1.

Please contact your opponent through facebook. Any issues organizing games please let me know.

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Scenerio: Invade


Scoring Sheet:

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