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Kings of the Empire: Event 1 - Let's Get this Party Started

Kings of the Empire
Tournament 1
Lets Get this Party Started


TO:                             Michael Clarke


Tournament is limited to 18 players. First 18 players to make payment will secure your spot.

Tickets:                    $25
Payment:                 Michael Clarke
                                BSB: 112 879
                                Account: 154 988 681
                                 Ref: Kings1<your name>

Kings of the Empire will be a series of one day events in Sydney designed to promote Kings of War, encourage new players and increase player participation for existing players.

There will be 4 events throughout the year, designed to encourage new players and get them participating. To encourage this all new players that have not played at an official Kings of War tournament or Games Day will receive a free Mantic Army Box.

To encourage new players the points level of each tournament will grow throughout the year with the intention that new players would have a complete army at the end of the year.


The venue will be Tabletop Empires
Unit 80 / 14 Loyalty Rd, North Rocks, 2151


Event 1:      Kings of Empire 1: Let’s Get this Party Rolling
                             14 March 2020
                             1500 Points
                             4 games



To take part you require the following:
·          An  army, mounted on appropriately sized unit bases,
·          3+ copies of your army list
·          Rule book, rules supplements, tape-measure, dice, damage markers, pencils and other gaming paraphernalia
·          We recommend that you bring a large tray to carry your army between games

Errata can be found in the Kings of War FAQ at:

Building Your Army

Your Force List must be chosen from one of the official army lists noted below.:
·          Kings of War V3 Official Rule Book
·          Uncharted Empires Expansion Book
·          Kings of war historical lists WILL NOT be allowed as they may not be compatible with the version 3 rules.

Army Composition

Event 1
·          You can spend up to 1500 points on your army (and no more) following Army Selection in the Kings of War Version 3 rulebook
·          No painting Requirement
·          No allies
·          Armies must be composed using the composition rules in the Kings of War Version 3 rulebook
·          No living legends
·          Table Size: 4’ x 4’
·          Clocks: Not in use
·          Round time =


Registration:            10.00am
Game 1                     10.10 to 11.30
Game 2                     11.40 to 1.00
Lunch                         1.00 – 1.40
Game 3                     1.40 to 3.00
Game 3                     3.10 to 4.30
Pack and Awards   4.30


The match-ups of the first round (Game 1) will be random. Grudge matches (where you may challenge anybody you wish to) are allowed by prior arrangement. From the second game, players will be paired using a Swiss system

Tournament Points

Scoring will use the “Blackjack” tournament scoring system which can be found here

The scenerio’s and scoring sheets will be handed out at the start of each tournament.

Winning the Tournament

The winner is determined at the end of the last game, according to the following criteria:
·          The player with the most TPs will be the winner
·          In the case of players having the same highest TPs, the winner will be the person with the highest attrition points.
·          If both the TP and attrition points are matched, games where these players have played each other during the course of the tournament will be evaluated and the winner will be the winner of such a match.
·          Finally, if the players cannot be split, the tournament ends with a joint victory and the players share the prize.


Reporting Battle Results

Whilst not essential it is preferred that players register for the online tournament software

Award details

Will be decided on the day depending on numbers

Tables will be laid out using map packs courtesy of Epic Dwarf, they can be previewed on the Blackjack website
Terrain heights will be as follows:
·        Fields/Ponds = Flat
·        Forests = Height 10
·        Hills = Height 3
·        Obstacles = Height 2 (does not block line of sight)
·        Buildings/Impassable = Height 8 (A titan will be able to see over if standing on a hill)

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